About us

Adstensity is TV Ad Monitoring product owned by PT SIGI Kaca Pariwara. Adstensity performs data mining from TV broadcast. We exists because we believe your decisions and strategy --as a TV advertising practitioners-- will be better when you have the right tool in forming accurate data. For this reason, Adstensity stands for you.

Our Boards


Teguh Budi Santoso

Started career as journalist since 1999, TBS – his famously known nickname, is full with editorial experience in almost all areas of reportage. Started from Entertainment news, Political events, Sports, Economy, and Information Technology. At the end of his career at Detikcom, he was trusted to handle their content development business core. Then, he started a new challenge to initiate Binokular until now.


Sapto Anggoro

He starts his carrier as a young journalist in Surabaya Post, East Java. From East Java, he decided to move to Jakarta as a journalist in Republika. He then continued his carrier to Detik.com. He became a key journalist and hold deputy of chief journalist soon after.

However, SAP -as he often called- not just known as a journalist. His business skill is sharpening when he became GM Sales and finally he holds position as Director of Operations (2011). From there he has an extensive network and familiar in business and organizational activities. Not surprisingly, based on his track records he became Secretary General of APJII from 2012 to 2015.